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Golden Bay New Zealand- Takaka

Paines Ford Station



General Info about Paines Ford weather station and this web site

The station used is a Davis Vantage Pro 2 plus solar and UV instruments and is sited about 200 meters from the Paines Ford bridge. This station has been going since June 2009 and replaced a LaCrosse WS3600 which had been on site since March 2007. June and July 2009 have been used to test and calibrate the Davis and it became fully operational in August 2009.

In November 2012 further improvements have been made to enhance accuracy of the data and the station now automatically sends a daily summary of data to the Metservice at 4pm in the afternoons to be published in the Nelson Mail newspaper.

The station continuously produces a range of data of which summaries are posted on this website, either live or in report form. The daily re-set/cut-off time for averages/extremes is at midnight.

Operational times for the website uploads are 24/7 with the occasional downtime for maintenance. During downtime the data will be retained by the data logger and processed at start-up to update the records.

Wind speed and direction from anemometer to station are updated every 2-3 seconds and rainfall is updated every 10 seconds. All other data is updated every minute. Live data uploads to the web site (WDL) take place every 10 seconds and the records (extremes) get updated every 10 minutes.

The station and the web site are a hobby, a bit over the top no doubt, but a hobby nevertheless. It has major advantages to forecast locally for just the Bay area (and Paines Ford in particular), however when boating or tramping in the area it is advisable to also obtain forecasts from other sources as mentioned on the links page, BOM (Australia), Metvuw and MetService all provide useful maps and info.

New: Watch the station and an aerial view of Paines Ford here

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